Sunday, November 25, 2012

We are a diverse group of five sisters who have grown into young adults.  Along that journey to adulthood, we have all developed diverse backgrounds that are unique to each one of us. Our interests have evolved into topics that most women have an interest in and we want to share our experiences. Among our group we have 2 licensed Cosmetologists; an Esthetician; a Speech Language Therapist; a Physical Therapy Assistant; a university student majoring in Social Work; and most important, we are either/and a sister, mother, and daughter.  So, how did we come up with the blog title, "Hey Brother, Where Art Thou".  Well, there is ONE brother.  He seems to always disappear.  As we grew up, as the five of us engaged in those 'female' conversations that you can only have with a sister, he would tactfully say, "well, I guess I'll go to my room".  He is elusive, private, and absent most of the time.  But, he is always there when needed.  He provides a quite calmness in contrast to our hormonal drama that we provide to complicate even the most simple of situations.   We hope to share our interpretation of typical life occurrences that most women have or will go through.  It is always nice to have another 'girl' to share information with.  We cannot control what happens in life, but we can choose how we will react!

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